Transmission Oils approved by AvtoVAZ

Criteria for selecting Lada Kalina oil

All oils are selected based on compliance with SAE, ACEA, API. In terms of composition, it is optimal to use semi-synthetics or synthetics for Lada Kalina.

  • ACEA A3/B4.
  • Suitable viscosity is 5W-30, 5W-40, 10W-40, 15W-40, but most often drivers fill in 5W-40.

AvtoVAZ offers the following table to select the appropriate viscosity:

Minimum engine cold start temperature, °CViscosity grade according to SAE J 300Maximum ambient temperature, °C

Information on viscosity for a specific engine can be found in the motor oil interchangeability catalog:

The catalog can be trusted, the data is taken from car manufacturers. In this case, you can choose not only oil for the engine, but also for the gearbox, power steering, brake system, and cooling system. That is, all liquids.

Original Lada oils



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Lada Ultra 5W-40 API SN/CF

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Technical parameters of the lubricant

The lubricant was developed for passenger cars manufactured by AvtoVAZ, however, after the product passed all the necessary tests and testing, the oil received approval from other car manufacturers.

It is recommended to pour the substance into gasoline engines, although the composition is also quite suitable for diesel engines. The lubricant can be used in turbocharged engines, as well as in exhaust gas treatment systems where there are catalytic converters. As a limitation, you can specify such points as the incompatibility of the product with DPF particulate filters. The oil has proven itself well when used in city traffic and while traveling on the highway. The following technical indicators are worth noting:

Main technical parameters of the composition:
  • viscosity at 100 degrees – 13.6 sq. mm/s;
  • viscosity index - 176;
  • flash/pour point – 235/-40.
  • API SN (CF);
  • ACEA A3/B4.
The product has been approved by many automakers, but is considered most suitable for cars of the following brand:
  • Mercedes Benz Approval 229.5
  • Renault RN 0700(0710)
  • OJSC AvtoVAZ
  • VW 502 (505) 00
  • Peugeot Société Anonyme B71 2296
  • FIAT 9.55535-N2(Z2)

Lubricant is sold in different forms and containers. Bottles and canisters of 1 and 5 liters are in demand among private buyers, and wholesale buyers will be able to buy barrels in which the substance is sold at a reduced cost.

Oil volume in the Lada Kalina engine

EnginehpYear of release (beginning-end)Engine oil volume, l
1.4i 16VBVAZ-1119489200720133.50
1.6iBVAZ-11186872013–>3.20 (2.90)
1.6i 16VBVAZ-2112698200920133.50
1.6i 16VBVAZ-21126982013–>3.20 (2.90) with manual transmission 4.40 (4.10) with automatic transmission
1.6i 16VBVAZ-211271062013–>3.20 (2.90)

How to choose a good oil for a VAZ engine

The selection of a lubricant for domestically produced engines begins with determining the lubricant base. In 2021, there are three types of liquids used.


Motor oils of natural origin are extracted by distillation of sulfurous petroleum. The procedure eliminates some of the foreign impurities that harm the power plant. Due to the minimal set of useful properties, the products can be used on classic units that do not require a high degree of protection. When asked what kind of oil to pour into the engine of a VAZ 2106 and similar models, the manufacturer recommends paying attention to the indicated group.


Half-artificial lubricants are more difficult to produce. Here the mineral base and synthetic groups of additives are combined. Less commonly used is hydrocracking crude oil refining. The technology structures the molecules of raw materials and gives the finished product properties comparable to the most advanced developments.

The characteristics of the oil represent a transitional link between PAO and mineral varieties and have a moderate cost, which ensures constant demand among consumers. If the question is what kind of oil to pour into the engine of a VAZ 2110 and generation analogues, the manufacturer recommends using a similar group.


As of 2021, completely artificial products are the most advanced developments. The liquids are produced by breaking down natural gas into its components. During the processing process, complex hydrocarbons are released, which form the base of the mixture. Another development features the use of polyalphoalefins (PAO). Both technologies make it possible to create a high-tech product that meets the requirements of modern engines.

The manufacturer recommends pouring such oils into the X RAY engine and the latest Lada developments.

Oil selection table by season (winter, summer)

Oil for VAZ Kalina 1119 2004-2013.

YearViscosity SAE all season
from +25 to -25 °C
from -35 to 0 °C
from 0 to +35 °C
Gasoline APIDiesel APITypeRecommended Manufacturers200410W-30 10W-40 15W-40 15W-30
5W-30 5W-40 0W-3020W-40 20W-30 25W-30 25W-40
SJCHsemi-synthetic, mineral waterMobil, Select, Mannol, Lotos200510W-40 5W-40
5W-4020W-40 25W-30 25W-40
SHCH-4 semi-synthetic, mineral water Mobil, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Rosneft, Select200615W-40 10W-40 5W-40
0W-30 5W-40 5W-3020W-30 20W-40 25W-30
SJCH-4semi-synthetic, mineral waterMobil, Lukoil, Valvoline, Rosneft, CONSOL200710W-40 5W-40
0W-30 5W-4020W-40 25W-30 25W-40
SLCH-4semi-syntheticsMobil, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Rosneft, CONSOL200810W-40 5W-40
0W-30 0W-4020W-40 25W-40
SLCIsemisyntheticsMobil, Xado, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol200910W-40 15W-40 5W-40
0W-40 5W-4020W-40 25W-40 25W-40
SLCI semi-syntheticsMobil, Xado, Valvoline, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol201010W-40 15W-40 5W-40
0W-40 5W-4020W-40 25W-40
SLCI-4semi-syntheticsMobil, Xado, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Kixx, G-Energy, Rosneft, Mannol20115W-40 10W-40 15W-40
0W-30 0W-40 5W-4020W-40 25W-40
SMCI-4semi-syntheticsMobil, Lukoil, Valvoline, Xado, ZIC, Kixx, G-Energy20125W-40 15W-40
0W-40 5W-4020W-40 25W-40
SMCI-4semi-syntheticsMobil, Xado, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Kixx, G-Energy201310W-40 15W-40 5W-40
0W-40 0W-30 5W-4020W-40 25W-40
SMCI-4synthetics, semi-syntheticsCastrol, Mobil, Xado, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, KixxYearViscosity SAEall season
+25 to -25 °Cwinter
-35 to 0 °Csummer
from 0 to +35 °CGasoline APIDiesel APITypeRecommended Manufacturers20125W-40 15W-40
0W-40 5W-4020W-40 25W-40
SMCI-4semi-syntheticsMobil, Xado, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Kixx, G-Energy201310W-40 15W-40 5W-40
0W-40 0W-30 5W-4020W-40 25W-40
SMCI-4synthetics, semi-syntheticsCastrol, Mobil, Xado, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Kixx201410W-40 15W-40 5W-40
0W-40 5W-4020W-40 25W-40
SMCI-4synthetics, semi-syntheticsXado, ZIC, Mobil, SHELL, Castrol, Lukoil, Valvoline, GT-OilYearViscosity SAEall season
+25 to -25 °Cwinter
-35 to 0 °Csummer
from 0 to +35 °CGasoline APIDiesel APITypeRecommended Manufacturers201510W-40 10W-50 15W-40 5W-40
0W-40 5W-40 5W-5020W-40 25W-40 25W-50
SMCI-4synthetics, semi-syntheticsSHELL, Castrol, Mobil, Xado, ZIC, Lukoil, Valvoline, Gt-Oil201610W-50 15W-40 5W-40
0W-40 5W-5020W-40 25W-50
SNCJsyntheticsMobil, Castrol, SHELL, Xado, Valvoline, Lukoil, ZIC, GT-Oil201710W-50 15W-40 15W-50
0W-40 0W-5020W-40 25W-50
SNCJsyntheticsCastrol, SHELL, Mobil, Xado, ZIC201810W-50 15W-40 15W-50
0W-40 0W-5020W-40 25W-50
SNCJ-4synthetics onlySHELL, Mobil, Castrol, Xado20195W-50 10W-50
0W-5015W-50 20W-50
SNCJ-4synthetics onlySHELL, Castrol, Mobil20205W-50 10W-60
0W-50 0W-6015W-50 15W-60
SNCJ-4synthetics onlySHELL, Castrol, Mobil

Synthetic motor oil Lada Ultra 5W-40. Main technical characteristics

No special formula or unique development was used to create Lada Ultra 5W-40 oil. However, thanks to the synthetic base and a full package of additives, this material has decent performance characteristics.

The oil was developed specifically for AvtoVAZ passenger cars. However, after passing all the necessary tests and testing, it received approval from other automakers.

The domestic automaker does not have its own plant for the production of fuels and lubricants, so Lada oils are produced by other Russian companies - Rosneft and Lukoil.

Lada Ultra 5W-40 engine oil is recommended for gasoline engines, although it is also suitable for diesel engines. The liquid can be used in power units equipped with a turbocharger, an exhaust gas purification system, and a catalytic converter. However, the product is not compatible with DPFs.

Lada Ultra 5W-40 oil has proven itself well when operating the car in city mode, on the highway and off-road.

Let us note the main technical indicators of the oil:

  • Viscosity at 100 C – 13.51 mm2/s
  • Viscosity index – 173
  • Flash point – +226 °С
  • Pour point – -45 °C
  • Base number: 10.35 mg KOH/g
  • Acid number: 2 mg KOH/g
  • Sulfated ash content: 1.23%
  • Mass fraction of sulfur: 0.351%

Lada Ultra 5W-40 has API SN (CF) and ACEA A3/B4 approvals.

Approved by AvtoVAZ OJSC; Mercedes Benz Approval 229.5; Renault RN 0700(0710); VW 502 (505) 00; Peugeot Société Anonyme B71 2296; FIAT 9.55535-N2(Z2).

The oil is sold in different forms and containers: 1 and 5 liter canisters, barrels for wholesale buyers.

Recommended services for selecting automobile oils

If you already have preferences in the brand, then everything is even simpler. It is enough to go to any service for selecting automobile oils of the desired brand and the manufacturer will select the oil that will be compatible with your engine. The table contains the most popular brands and selection services from these brands. We go to any of the sites in the table and select the make, model of the car, engine and year of manufacture.

Oil brandLink to selection

Positive and negative aspects of the product

The synthetic product Lada 5W40 has many advantages. The following characteristics can be noted as advantages:

  • protection of the motor from wear and from the formation of harmful substances inside the unit;
  • the product has excellent cleaning properties;
  • the engine starts even at very low temperatures;
  • the lubricant has a low cost - from 342 rubles per liter;
  • the substance retains its properties for a long time and does not need to be quickly replaced.

Among the disadvantages, users note a slight waste during consumption and a loss of viscosity at the end of the period of use of the lubricant. Counterfeits are common.

Additional details and lubrication are presented in the video:

Oil test results

Laboratory test results confirmed that Lada Ultra 5W-40 oil meets the SAE standard for viscosity 5W-40.

Viscosity 13.51 at 100 °C is optimal; a high alkaline number indicates excellent detergent and neutralizing properties of the oil.

A low acid number allows the lubricant to have a fairly long replacement interval. Medium sulfate ash content ensures valve cleanliness.

The oil has an average flash point and a very low pour point for such viscosity -45 °C. This allows the liquid to be used in VAZ/Lada cars even in the harsh climate of Siberia (of course? within reasonable temperature limits).

The sulfur content in the oil is average.

Judging by the elements, it contains a package of additives from the Infineum company: anti-wear additive ZDDP (zinc and phosphorus), a detergent/neutralizing additive (calcium, magnesium), as well as an ashless dispersant that holds particles of contaminants in suspension.

The Fourier IR spectrum indicates that the oil is produced by VHVI hydrocracking.

Advantages and disadvantages of oil

Synthetic motor oil Lada 5W-40 has many advantages. The advantages include:

  • Ability to protect the engine from wear and the formation of harmful deposits
  • Excellent detergent and dispersant properties
  • Increased oil film strength
  • Low temperature fluidity (allows you to easily start the engine even in winter)
  • Oxidative stability and fairly long service life
  • Affordable price

Among the disadvantages, users note a slight loss of oil when consumed, loss of viscosity at the end of the period of use, and a large number of fakes.

Reviews from car owners

In total, I drove more than a million kilometers on Russian roads using Lada Ultra oil in different cars... Its quality is no worse than that of foreign analogues from Japanese or Korean manufacturers. Lada 5W-40 is approximately equivalent to Shell or Toyota oil, but costs three or even four times less.

The main thing this oil does is it does not freeze at -30 degrees, so the engine starts perfectly when cold.

I use this oil and have no complaints. It has proven itself in work. Economical, low gas consumption. Why overpay?

There are no special complaints about the quality of the oil. In cold weather it starts normally and does not turn into shoe polish. For 30 thousand km there are no deposits inside the filler neck. The hydraulic compensators do not knock, the engine runs quietly, as if using imported oils.

Oil in box

The VAZ 2110 is supplied to the market with a front-wheel drive 5-speed manual, standard for its class. The box requires filling only with API GL-4/5 oils - standard motor oil for manual transmissions. In terms of viscosity, the recommended lubricant has a specification of 75W90, but in some cases you can buy oil for a VAZ 2110 box with other indexes suitable for specific conditions.

Synthetics are used as a base; the unit is serviced every 30,000 kilometers. To change the lubricant you will need 3.5 liters.

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