Two videos with Lada: how Lada is assembled and how it is broken
A video clip with the title “Birth of LADA Vesta SW” appeared on the official YouTube channel
Wiring diagram VAZ 21213 Niva carburetor with description
What does the electrical circuit of a VAZ-21213 or, in other words, Niva (carburetor) look like? This question concerns
Standard Lada Priora equipment (photos, features and options)
Lada Priora 2008 technical specifications, configurations and prices
October 15, 2015 Lada.Online 113 884 1 In 2014, Lada Priora lost its
Ticket to childhood. History and test drive of the “lunar rover” LuAZ-969
Background[edit | edit code] In the mid-1950s, NAMI developed a promising type
Where is Lada Vesta Cross SV assembled?
AVTOVAZ spoke about the Lada Izhevsk plant, where the Lada Vesta is produced
Today it demonstrates enviable progress, delighting its fans with new and promising models that can successfully compete
Lada Kalina or Lada Kalina Cross: luxury versus cross
The Lada Kalina Cross car was presented for the first time after the new year. Review of the new AVTOVAZ model
We accelerate and go
Video of Lada Vesta and the new 2021 Vesta Cross station wagon
Video of Lada Xray here: All text test drives of Lada Vesta here Video of all-terrain station wagon
Why we love and don’t love the 126 Priora engine
Lada Priora 2011 technical specifications, configurations and prices
Basic Priora As standard, the manufacturer offers only an 8-valve 87-horsepower unit and a manual transmission.
How to increase engine power in Lada Granta Sport
Despite the fact that the Lada Granta is technically well made and comes in
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