Why the heater fan on the VAZ-2114 stopped working: causes and solutions

It is believed that the most frequently changed element in any car is the fuse - a small spare part that often becomes the cause of a big problem - non-functioning electrics. If the dashboard backlight has disappeared, most likely the VAZ 2114 instrument backlight fuse has blown, and if you replace this element, it is quite possible that no other manipulations will be required. The same thing - if the seats stop heating up (and now, when the weather is not at all pleasant, this is especially important), most likely the VAZ 2114 seat heating fuse should be replaced to eliminate the problem.

Photo: Fuses for VAZ 2114 and their description

So, why do VAZ 2114 fuses burn? As in any other car, the main reason is power surges, to which the fuse, or rather its fusible element, reacts unambiguously - it melts, interrupting the network. Sometimes the cause of power surges is the design flaws of the car itself, but often it is also a violation of operating rules committed by the driver himself.

One of the most frequently blown fuses is the fuse for the VAZ 2114 cigarette lighter. The reason for the blowout is trivial: with all the variety of additional equipment that can be connected to the car through the cigarette lighter, not all of them have the same power. Exceeding the permissible voltage causes the fuse to blow, so the relationship is simple and obvious. If you have such a problem, first of all we look at the fuse diagram of the VAZ 2114 to figure out where exactly the fuse is located that is responsible for the cigarette lighter (or other important component for you). You can find this diagram in the user manual, or, if you do not use the manual, then on specialized websites on the Internet.

The VAZ 2114 has two fuse boxes: under the hood, next to the left glass, and under the central dashboard, with access from the passenger compartment. You can access any of them using a regular screwdriver. To replace the fuses themselves, in turn, tweezers are used, which are stored directly in the mounting block. There is also a place for spare fuses, in case of an unforeseen situation directly on the road.

Why doesn't the stove work on the VAZ 2114? This is a question many car owners ask themselves. And how to make the VAZ 2114 warm?

Unfortunately, the heating system of the domestic automobile industry still leaves much to be desired. This issue is especially relevant in winter. After all, being cold is not only unpleasant, but harmful, even dangerous to health. And here we are not only talking about the driver’s hypothermia, everything is clear about this. Glasses with a faulty heating system quickly freeze and become covered with frost and ice. Visibility on the road for the driver in such conditions is negligible.

To find out why the stove on a VAZ 2114 does not work, you first need to understand how the stove on a VAZ 2114 works.

Heating in the interior of the VAZ 2114 is arranged according to the classic principle of the line of Samara cars.

What does the heating system consist of?

  1. Faucet.
  2. Radiator.
  3. Fan.
  4. A special resistor that controls the power of the fan motor.
  5. Dampers through which air is supplied to the cabin.
  6. Optimal power position switch.

When the system is working properly, coolant enters the heater radiator through the heater tap. The driver controls the temperature of the air entering the cabin independently when he opens and closes this same tap. Heat is created by the coolant that reaches the radiator. When the engine is hot, the coolant temperature rises to 95 degrees!

What causes heating system breakdowns?

Blown fuse

It would seem like a primitive malfunction - you just need to replace it with a new one. However, this problem has a “second bottom”. The fuse clearly deteriorated due to a short circuit in the system. You will definitely need to find it later.

A little about fuses

In total, there are 2 fuse blocks in the car: the first one is on the left side under the hood, the second one is in the passenger compartment under the panel. Both of these devices affect the operation of certain devices.

Which fuse is faulty will be indicated by a non-functioning device, for example, a windshield wiper. To get to the faulty fuses, you need to remove the block cover while simultaneously pressing the special latch.

As we know, there are two fuses, and only one of them is faulty. With good vision, an attentive driver can easily distinguish a burnt-out part from a intact one. In the core of the part on the blown fuse, the contact line will be interrupted, but for the adjacent, serviceable part, it will be continuous. If you can’t determine it offhand, then you can leave the fuse in place and at the same time turn on a non-working circuit, for example, dimensions. If there is voltage on one side and not on the other, the fuse is faulty and has burned out.

If fuses burn frequently, you should pay attention to the wiring. Most likely, there are serious problems with it and it’s time to contact a competent service.

But in our case, with a faulty stove, only one fuse can fail - this is F7. It is he who is attached to the heating system. Its power is 40 A (amps). F7 replies:

  • for the stove fan;
  • cigarette lighter;
  • heat supply to the rear window;
  • light in the glove compartment;
  • headlight washer (electric motor).

A faulty fuse will cause the oven and all of the above systems to malfunction.

Contact from the mounting block

Also a popular reason why the stove on a VAZ 2114 failed. There may be a faulty wire. In this situation, you should slightly and carefully move the bundle of contacts.

Ignition relay

It can also prevent the heating inside the car from working properly. If there is a malfunction, the relay must be replaced. It is located on the center console.

Ignition relay VAZ 2114

First and second position

If the heater does not work on a VAZ 2114 in the first and second positions of the switch, the driver will have to drive his car for a long time without heating before the long-awaited warmth begins to enter the cabin. The heating system is designed in this way: in the first and second positions, the electric pulse to the fan comes from a resistor, in the third position electricity goes directly.

What kind of part is this, and what problems can occur with it?

For the car's heating system, an additional resistor provides the best speed. It has two resistance coils and two operating modes. When the first mode starts, the electrical impulse goes through two spirals, and in the second mode, along a resistance spiral. You should look for a faulty resistor at the gas pedal. Repairing a resistor is a rare event. It makes sense if the contacts are burnt. The second correctable fault is a melted block, the one with three tips. It needs to be replaced with a new one. They are available for retail sale.

Functions of VAZ-2115 fuses

A fuse in cars is a fuse-link that performs protective functions for current-carrying circuits. Such functions are aimed primarily at blocking either the entire circuit or an individual node from overloads. This is due to the fact that any vehicle is equipped with an on-board network with a whole set of circuits that conduct electric current. Their task is to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the vehicle’s electrical equipment. Each section of the current-carrying circuit has its own specific fuse with the corresponding marking.

A standard automotive fuse is a small part, in a plastic body of which a filament of low-melting metal is placed, which acts as a conductor. If an overload occurs in a current-carrying circuit, this conductor thread will melt, which will cause a break in this circuit.

Due to this gap, a certain section of the on-board network will be de-energized and fail.

Minor troubles

And the last trouble that a car owner may encounter is the incorrect supply of air masses to the cabin. Fortunately, adjusting and repairing dampers is a simple procedure! You need to take pliers and bend the cable at the flap under the driver's steering wheel. Then the damper will tightly close the air duct again and the problem is solved.

Many motorists have encountered the fact that the heater fan on a VAZ-2114 stopped working. There are many reasons for this effect, and they can occur at any time. So, in this article, we will look at the reasons why the heater fan may not work, as well as methods of elimination.

The video below describes the process of troubleshooting and repair in a situation when the stove fan does not work:


A faulty heater resistor is another reason for the fan not working, and, accordingly, for the fact that the VAZ 2115 heater does not work , and on other AVTOVAZ models. You can check its performance using an ohmmeter.

The resistor may fail for the following reasons:

  • Overload created by a constantly working stove;
  • Unsatisfactory quality of the resistor itself;
  • Wiring fault;
  • Incorrect type of resistor.

The resistor is connected to both the fan and the gearbox, so its failure can be understood by the absence of gear shifting and the presence of only one speed when the car is moving. But the entire resistor rarely requires replacement. More often there is a need to replace or clean contact tips

To replace the heater resistor, you need to disconnect all the wires and the negative terminal from the battery.

Possible causes of a malfunction of the heater fan on a VAZ-2114

Heater fan installed on a car

Before eliminating a malfunction that has occurred, it is necessary to establish the causes of its occurrence.

So, according to the experience of many motorists, the most common reasons are:

  • Fuse blown.
  • Failure of the contact group.
  • Relay failure.
  • Resistor.
  • Switch.
  • The fan motor burned out.

Now that the causes have been discussed, we can move directly to elimination methods.

Elimination methods

Many motorists think that a heater fan failure is associated only with a fuse or combustion of the motor that turns it, but this is far from the case. Let's consider all possible reasons in more detail.

Fuse blown

Mounting fuse block where the heater fan fuse is installed

The most common cause of all auto electrician troubles are fuses that fail.

So, in the case of a fan, the first thing you need to do is check the integrity of the fuse. If it is burnt out, it must be replaced with a new one. If this does not help, then you need to look for the reason elsewhere.

The heater fan fuse is marked with an arrow in the diagram.

You can find the fuse in the mounting block marked F7 .

Since the fan requires a lot of energy consumption, the rated current is 20A , so the fuse must be set no less than this figure.

Failure of the contact group

Another reason that is quite common in cars is oxidation of the contact group. To eliminate this malfunction, you need to clean the contact connections or simply move them.

Since the mounting block is located under the hood and water can get into it, it is necessary to protect it from moisture. You can do this in this simple way.

It often happened that the connections and connectors themselves had to be changed because they failed and were completely destroyed due to corrosion.

Relay failure

Relay block on a car

A relay failure will cause the stove fan to turn on briefly.

Sometimes, as practice shows, it may not turn on the first time, or only when the power unit is heated. The solution is quite simple - replacing the relay . You can find it under the dashboard of your car.


The process of dismantling the heater resistor

A resistor malfunction occurs when the stove operates only in the extreme right position.

In this case, power will not be supplied, but only in the right position it is supplied directly, bypassing all other elements. Therefore, to eliminate the malfunction it is necessary to replace the part that has failed.


A fairly common malfunction is considered to be a failure of the switch or simply a breakdown of the contact connections.

Of course, it is not recommended to carry out repair operations, since incorrect restoration of an element, especially in the electrical part, can lead to the others breaking down. So, the manufacturer suggests that car enthusiasts with experience in DIY repairs recommend replacing the complete heater control unit.

Why might the fan not work?

The fuse has blown.

The fuse number F7 with a current of 30A is responsible for the operation of the stove fan. If this fuse blows, the following in your car will not work: the cigarette lighter, the headlight washers, the light in the glove compartment and the heated rear window. Therefore, checking this point is quite easy. It is more difficult to fix the breakdown, because... If your fuse is blown, there is a short circuit somewhere that needs to be found before installing a new fuse.

The contacts in the mounting block have become sour.

Oxidized contacts are a very common problem. To make the fan work, just move the wires going to the mounting block.


The reasons for the VAZ-2114 heater fan not working are quite simple and even a novice motorist can fix them. Of course, in 50% of cases, all malfunctions are related to the fuse, replacing which will normalize the operation. But, if the reasons are quite complex and the car enthusiast is not able to cope with them on his own, it is necessary to contact a car service center, where everything will be repaired cheaply and efficiently.

Good evening to all car enthusiasts, I read everything, everything is familiar, but the reason for me is that the fuse burns when I sharply stomp on the gas pedal, when I drive in quiet mode, the heater works and does not light up. If anyone has encountered this, please tell me what it can do be a reason?

Set the fuse to 20

Thank you very much for the detailed information! I fixed the stove in a couple of hours. The cause was a faulty contact group. Saved a good amount)))

I have a VAZ 21014 - the heater fan started to shut down, it only turned on if I drove for a while, it was like this for 3 weeks, then it stopped turning on at all. I checked the relay and resistor and fuses, but all this was in vain... then I decided to do this - I lifted the soot, removed the filter and the casing on the heater motor - I exposed the wires going to the fan with small cuts - the current rang... when I turn on the valve, but it doesn’t work... I took out this valve, turned it sideways up and pushed it to the right wing of the car there it’s wider and it came out (I cut off the wires because I had to climb out of the inside to disconnect it into the rubber band and then put it in again; I don’t want to have to suffer with getting in... I disassembled this miracle; there were pre-prepared brushes on the table - but alas, on the armature of the motor there were copper contacts in contact with the brushes completely erased in two places...a dead spot appeared.... I note that the supply of brushes was still normal. The machine is 7 years old, the fan always worked constantly - in the cold in the summer in the warm in the winter... in short, if the motor does not work, it is better to immediately buy a new one ..... I didn’t find the bearing, there is a bronze seal on the side of the brushes, and as I understand it, you can’t get to the other side without breaking it..... a new motor costs 650 rubles. You have to go buy it and push it from under the hood..... I’ll carefully connect the wires clamp and insulate it. Now I understand why these motors are not repaired, but are advised to be replaced with a new one right away.

there is no heater relay on the VAZ 2114, there is an ignition relay, there are a lot of consumers on fuse F7, there is no separate fuse for the heater, it doesn’t work only when the motor or switch burns out, breaks, or the ground burns out

Hello everyone, please advise what to check, while driving I turned on the heater at full power, and then it stopped working, the fuse is intact, the ignition relay is working, has anyone had this? Otherwise, I don’t want to dismantle the floor of the car, and it’s frosty outside - 30

closed the dance with a minus under the steering wheel into the heater wiring and the heater started working

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